Thursday, April 5, 2007


Of course, no trip to San Fransisco would be complete without a trip to Ghiradelli. The Square was under construction with not much open. The only thing that mattered to my kids was that the chocolate stores were!
When you go thru their doors, they give you a sample. When you go thru again, they give you another sample. When you go thru yet again, they give you another sample. We never figured out how many times you had to go thru before they stopped giving you a sample! To top it all off, they had another store on the other side of the square as well. So we hit up two stores daily getting free chocolate! The Square was less than a block from the hotel so this was easy to do.
On the second day in San Fran, after we figured out the bus system with the help of Aunt Christina, we treated ourselves to Sundaes. And boy were they good! Dylan ate the whole brownie before I even had time to fight him for it. So much for sharing!

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adrian said...

This picture made me think of those bumper stickers on cars that say "Drive it like you stole it!", Riley looks like he's eating it like he stole it.