Saturday, April 14, 2007

Back to our CA Trip

This is a picture of a "Deep Fried Twinkies" cart. They were not open at the time we went by, at least that what I told my kids. Dylan and Veronica wanted to pose by it anyway. I asked JoAnna how they were. She said it was "cholesterol on a stick".
As you can tell, it was cold in Santa Cruz. My kids and I brought beach clothes and flip flops. Boy were we suprised! Thank goodness I remembered to grab sweatshirts on my way out the door! So it wasn't too bad. This is the boardwalk that we took a long walk on when we first arrived. My kids were excited to be back at a beach. They were a little suprised at the the difference between CA beaches and the beach in Pensacola. BIG difference! Especially in the temp of the water. A lot colder in CA! We still had a good time. Dylan hung out with Veronica and Riley hung out, holding hands and all, with Jessica. It just reminded me that we need to make another trip to FL soon and play at the beach! I miss it more than the kids!

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