Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Cable Car Museum

So, I was asked a question. Did we enjoy the Cable Car Museum? I think that can all cleared up by looking at one picture. A picture says a million words, right?! I guess it wasn't exactly what they were expecting. After we read all the signs and learned about how the Cable Cars worked, they kept telling me they were bored. This was already our seventh day on the trip. Actually, I think they just wanted to hurry back to Uncle Chris' to play the wii again with the other kids. Don't think we will be going back to this museum again anytime soon!


slammerr said...

wow Dylan you must of had a blast at the cable car museum! did you go to the ghirardelli chocolate factory..my guess is no or you would have been "jacked up on Mountain Dew"..ah I mean Chocolate. ha ha
thanks for posting your trip pictures.

adrian said...

This picture almost keeps me from wishing I was at the museum with you guys. But I still wish I was there.