Thursday, May 24, 2007

Daddy's Home!

Well, he made it! After 134 days, he is home safe and sound. 10 jets arrived yesterday to be greeted by happy kids, crying wives, and lots of cameras. Mine almost didn't make it home due to technical problems. But he just kept pressing on. Boy were the kids happy to see him! Riley has talked non-stop since we got on the runway to greet him. It was like he knew Daddy was coming so he needed to start talking again. Even on the way to school this morning, he was non-stop. Something to get used to again I guess.
Our plans now are a little up in the air. Adrian needs to go to work today for a few hours to get clear to have his comp time. After that, the last day of school for both kids is tom. Very exciting for both of them. Riley had to miss his friends Graduation from Kindergarten yesterday. It wasn't so bad once he fully realized that Daddy was coming home at the exact same time.
Dylan will be finishing up 2nd Grade. It's amazing how big they have gotten! He is so grown up, even for his age. He will be starting football this summer. Some of his friends from soccer are going to be on a team together, so he is very excited to be back with them again.
Oh well, need to get some groceries in this house. Adrian lost a lot of weight while he was gone and is looking fantastic! Makes me wish I stuck to my diet better while he was gone! I have a lot of catching up to do!!!

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Clarke Grandparents said...

We are so thankful that our son is home and safe. Hope the whole family has greant memborial day weekend.